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25 facts!!!
1. German food: a style of food cooked in the country of Germany.
2. Dishes known as home style classic meals vary in different sections of Germany.
3. German warriors described as a hard drinking meat eating country.
4. So he said that Germany is hearty.
5. A typical German person drinks coffe every morning.
6. They usually have
bread as a side dish.
7. A main dish is cheese and sausage.
8. They celebrate lent by eating lots of food all the time.
9. Now Germans eat a more simple breakfast like cereal.
10. Kids eat cereal and parents eat more complicated breakfast.
11. Complacated breakfastes are consist of sausages and cheeses.
12. In Germany there is almost a bakery on every street.
13. Germans are known to be unhealthy because they are known to eat a meal inbetween a meal.
14. They eat small snacks in between meals such as cheese and crackers.
15. Germans are known to eat a little breakfast.
16. They are also known to eat a very big lunch and dinner.
17. German children typically don't eat food at school.
18. So they eat breakfast before school and lunch after school.
19. They eat snacks at school that they call pausenbrot.
20. Germans usually eat there lunch from 12:00-2:00pm
21. Now a days Germans eat there lunch later in the day.
22. A typical lunch is sausage, stir fry, and fish sticks.
23. Meat is served almost every day particulary beef and chicken.
24. They have somthing called coffe and cake which is like tea time in America.
25. Just like in America typical kids eat a lot of fast food.

If you're along the coast by the North or Baltic Sea then seafood will everywhere. German restaurants here will have thick fish chowders, savory smoked salmon, and crayfish pastries. In the southern areas, near the Black Forest, wild game is a popular treat with venison, boar, and quail making a lot of appearances. Here are the main foods that i like to eat and my family like. in many of our recipes we include milk, butter, cheese, and yogurt are popular dairy products in Germany. when you go in my families bakery the first thing you will notice is all the different types of bread.
when i go in to make food there are some food laws. and you have to follow these food laws. here are some. white sausage is always served with mustard. and every type of sausage is made to strict rules. And all beer is made following a special law that was passed in 1516. and it is called the party law.
Main foods that i eat for breakfast lunch and dinner are cheese. my family usually eat cheese for breakfast and dinner mainly. we eat bread twice a day or more. A typical evening meal is bread, cold meats, cheese, sauerkraut, and pickles. Meany Germans eat their main hot meal at mid day.
food at the Oktoberfest are served in big tents. they eat pretzels and sausage, which you eat by sucking the meet out of the sausage skin. And adults will have beer. German wines ate famous all over the world my parents love wine they drink it all the time. us Germans eat many different kinds of vegetables, potatoes, cabbage, pumpernickel, or pickled cabbage. these foods are often found in traditional cooking.

German cuisine is a style of cooking derived from the nation of Germany. It has evolved as a national cuisine through centuries of social and political change with variations from region to region. The southern regions of Germany, Bavaria and Swabia share many dishes. Ingredients and dishes vary by province. There are many significant regional dishes that have become both national and regional. Many dishes that were once regional, however, have proliferated in different variations across the country in the present day.

Many people know the foods of other nations. Many do not realize that quite a few of the recipes they eat today had their start in Germany! That's right, many of your American favorites were actually German Food.

At 100 C,E., the Roman historian Tacitus has described Germany as a "warrior nation" most of what people think Germany does is a all around beer drinking country. He said that German food was was simple, but very hearty that mainly includes breads and gruels that comes from oats. He has joined many Germanic tribes.
external image LambChopsPepper.jpg
this is a picture of German Lamb shank wich is very popular in Germany.
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This is one of many cookouts outside a German home cooking good meat.

external image Bratwurst-1.JPG-
This is a picture of bratwarst on the grill I love brawtwarst.

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This is a picture of a lamb leg.

As early as 100 C.E., the Roman historian Tacitus described the Germans as a "warrior nation, hard-drinking, honest and hospitable." He spoke of German food as "simple" but hearty, that included breads and gruels made from oats, millet and barley, wild fruits and berries and wild game and fowl roasted whole on huge spits. Milk and cheese added variety, especially on the occasions when game was lacking. By 800 C.E. Charlemagne had joined the many Germanic tribes into a huge empire that included not only present day Germany but also France and parts of Italy. It was Charlemagne too who encouraged monasteries in their cultivation of vineyards, orchards, and gardens, especially herb gardens.

merman fare tends to include lots of good, old-fashioned meat & potatoes dishes, dark bread with substance, and of course, their "liquid bread," beer.